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We know gay massage. Period.

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Therapeutic & Sensual
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I am an athletic man who also happens to be a psychotherapist and a professional singer, in addition to being a massage therapist. My techniques work best with athletic or other lean people. I do use Swedish massage techniques to warm up the tissue, but I concentrate on muscle tissue for most of the massage. My client base largely consists of men who have had lots of massage across the country and who know what they are looking for. I never fail to impress them - they are always satisfied at the end of the massage. I also work on first timers. But after I have worked on them, few other massage therapists will live up to their expectations! By the way, when you call me for a session, I will ask you for your age, height, weight, history of injuries and surgeries, disease status, and level of athletic activity. I expect honest answers to these questions. The work I do is best suited to athletic men. Although I do not expect all my clients to be studs or bodybuilders, I do expect my work to be part of my clients' regular regimen of self-care.




"The best massage for athletes in South Louisiana"

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Anatomically-specific deep tissue work and sports massage for athletic men
7 days a week

Specializes in deep tissue and bodywork for athletes; health enthusiast; available 7 days a week

Starting at $120

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New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette